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We got a letter in the post from the council this week.  The weed inspector had visited our property and found us in wanting.  There were patches of uncontrolled noxious weeds  -- blackberry, cineria, sweet briar and bridal creeper.

For a while I felt miffed, couldn't they see all the hard work we have put into beating down the huge thickets of blackberry ... crikey the little bits that are left are just a fraction of keeping the big patches under control.  As for the sweet briar I knew it had to go ... but I liked its flowers and didn't understand it was a formal noxious weed.

Now for the cineria, after a web search I found it was the yellow dandelion type plant I was mulling over whether it was a weed or not -- I hadn't managed to identify it to know. I was leaning towards it being a weed, but again had no idea it was a BAD weed.

As for bridal creeper, again I had to search the web to see what I would be looking for.  Armed with this information and the map provided by…

Winter beauty

It was a chilly 5 degrees at midday on Saturday but the winter delight of golden wattle warms the heart.  Soon all of the varieties of wattle will be in flower.