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It's been a while since I posted so dug into the archive to find a shot.  There is a patch of these tall dandelion type plants growing in the corner of the old garden. I haven't identified them.

More pinks

These little pink flowers are popping up all over the place now.  There are non-native Centaurium tenuiflorum and native centaurium spicatum versions of this plant.  I don't know which this one is, the photos look identical.

Soo exciting

I think Fringe Lilies are about one of the most beautiful native flowers so you can imagine my delight when I found five or six of them flowering on the block yesterday.  You have to be quick though ... I looked for them again in the afternoon and there was no trace of them.

There are also some other new flowers out that I have not posted yet ... will do so in a day or so ... gotta give this beauty a run for a while first.