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Well here is what happened to the peaches.  They went all spotty and mouldy then fell off the tree. I am not sure if it is disease or the incessant wet weather that made this happen.


It's there!  We are so happy with it.

Road block

The shed has been built and we headed out to Clandulla today, eager to see it.  So close and yet unable to get there.  The little stream had become a swift flowing creek.  They are currently in the process of replacing a single lane bridge just outside the town and have a temporary low lying bridge over the creek.  Even though the water was not over the bridge, it was clearly worse for wear so closed off.

The alternative route 20 or so kilometres up the road was closed too.  The water was over the road in a low section, not particularly high but flowing fast so we gave it a miss. The shed will still be there next week.