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These are popping up now.  I have planted these in my mountain garden and they die ... how nice to see them thriving here without me doing a thing.


I saw a cluster of these little flowers popping up in the grass.  I am pretty sure they are Creamy Stackhousia.


This one would normally bother me because the flower is nearly identical to the weed Creeping Buttercup which is creeping all over my mountains garden.  Its leaves are similar but different so I think what we have here is the native buttercup Ranunculus lappaceus. I hope so because it would be nice to keep their cheerful flowers without the worry of them taking over.


There are a couple of ornamental pear trees too.  Planted in such odd locations I wonder if they were put there by birds.


Not all the plants on the block are native.  There are a couple of dwarf peaches surviving in the grass.  I will get around the freeing from the clutches of the grass one day.

Native Indigo

There are dozens of these shrubs in the semi shade of some big gums and they are all coming into flower now.  I'm thrilled, they are so pretty though I think their blue grey leaves make them attractive all year around.


Wattles are in flower all over the block now. There are three different types, look at the images below.  While each has the familiar yellow ball flowers the leaf shape is very different.  Wattles are acacias and would you believe there are 1380 species of acacia in the world and Australia has about 985 of them


The wattlebirds were not as obliging as the kookaburra, preferring to sit high in the canopy of the trees, taxing the limit of my camera lens.  It's back to flowers next.


This one kept us amused for quite a long time, sitting quietly nearby and diving to the ground to gobble up grubs that were invisible our eye.  It showed no fear, coming within inches of where we were sitting.


Seen grazing in the paddock over the fence at Whistlers Rest.  I am getting in a series of fauna shots because with spring unfolding flora is going to take over very soon.


Spotted crossing the road on our way to Whistler's Rest.