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This home in Clandulla looks all patched up but I rather like the effect.

Oh no!

Back in December I was surprised delighted to find the park had old fashioned play equipment and now it's gone.

Is it us, do we make these things happen?  20 years ago we moved to the mountains and there were wonderful old swings and slides in the park over the road that were too soon replaced by plastic things. Now it's happened here.

To my dismay curbing and guttering looks like it is working it's way down our street in the mountains. Is that going to happen here too?  With a bit of luck it will take another 20 years for that to happen, we don't even have sewerage at Clandulla yet.

It's in flower

We were out at the Rest this weekend and yippee the wattle is in flower and even bees about.  How exciting is that, winter is slowly drawing to a close.


Winter wattles are now flowering along the roadside so each time we arrive at the Rest I run eagerly to our wattle hoping it too will be in flower but it's time has not yet come.


We decided to go for a drive down the side roads last weekend and found this not far out of town. There appear to be quite a lot of small farms on the outskirts too.

Eastern Rosella

I initially thought the red flashes in the trees were the Crimson Rosellas we see quite often but realised the colours were different.  This is one of the White Cheeked variety, I believe an Eastern Rosella.


The birds we see differ every week and by time of day.  I am glad to be sometimes successful in getting a shot.  This butcherbird hung about for quite a while and was darting between low branches and the ground rather than in the high tree canopy so was relatively easy to capture.


It was so lovely to go out to the Rest today and enjoy the tranquility of this peaceful haven.