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Fence gone

Down where I photographed the birds seems quite parklike at the moment because the fence with the neighbours has been removed in preparation for installing a new goat-proof fence.

Bird Spotting 3

It is a hopeless shot but I wanted to record that we are seeing lots of these little fellows (Superb Fairy Wrens) in the brush at the moment.  They are so lovely.  It always seems a privilege to have them in my garden.

Bird Spotting 2

This bird is a cuckoo but I can't figure out if it is a brush cuckoo or a fan-tailed cuckoo.  They are very similar.  The colouring of this one seems to  mid-slatey grey rather than grey-brown which would make it a fan-tail but it doesn't have the distinctive yellow eye ring ... so I dunno.  I am going to opt for it being a Brush Cuckoo.


Bird spotting 1

This one is the Noisy Friarbird.  They have a distinctive bump on their nose.  I have seen them once before on the block but this is the first time I have managed to get a shot.

Gum flower


The tall gum trees are flowering at the moment.  Despite the profusion of flowers there was no sound of bees.  I saw one hover fly. I also spotted some new birds this weekend, I'll post them tomorrow.