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We were driving down the main street of Kandos today and I was berating shopkeepers for still having Christmas tinsel in their windows now it is February.  I should talk, I had a Christmas post on this blog until right now.  We have visited the block several times since Christmas but it is so dry and uninspiring to photograph at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, I love to visit.  I love the dry heat and there always seems to be a gentle breeze rustling the gums trees.  It's perfect to relax in a chair in the shade cooled by the breeze and read.

Talking of chairs. I set these ones under the trees right nearly every time I visit and when we come back they are always tipped over.  What tips them over I wonder, birds, kangaroos, rabbits?  We have the same type of chairs in our garden in the mountains and they never fall over.