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Molly Grub

The kookaburra loves us unearthing all these tasty morsels found in the wood heap.

Wood heap

Blackberry patch number 3 bites the dust and look what we found under this one -- a wood heap.  A very nice unexpected bonus given that we buy in wood at this time of year.  But it made clearing up the patch hard and took a lot of grunt digging the wood blocks out of the soil.  It must have been there for ages. At least it is well seasoned!

Day is done

How about that, being able to sit and look at the view instead of a nasty blackberry patch.


We found a shovel and a bunch of old plastic planting pots under the second blackberry thicket. it seems the enclosed area was used as a garden.  I think I may do the same.

Early bird

In the early morning flocks of little birds are out and about.

Hard at it

Another weekend spent attacking the prickly stuff.


This young fellow was very happy with our work. Diving back and forth from his perch to the disturbed soil gobbling up grubs and things.


Look what we found hiding in the blackberry patch.

Bye Bye Blackberry

Ian's arm is improving so we have been able to get back to the clean up job.  The weather over the past two weekends has been perfect for it, crisp and sunny.  Our big project has been to attack the blackberry thicket, one of four.  It's amazing, this shady space was a tangle of prickly vine on Saturday.