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Bye Bye Blackberry

Ian's arm is improving so we have been able to get back to the clean up job.  The weather over the past two weekends has been perfect for it, crisp and sunny.  Our big project has been to attack the blackberry thicket, one of four.  It's amazing, this shady space was a tangle of prickly vine on Saturday.


  1. Such a sense of accomplishment, isn't it?
    Look at those lovely little skinny saplings.
    Glad to hear the shoulder is getting better.
    The only thing that fixed mine was Bowen Therapy.

  2. You've done well to clear that much. as it wouldn't be easy work - I'm thinking lots of scratches - ouch!

  3. We used a brush cutter to knock them down then Talbot the trust mower to chop them up unto mulch so not as prickly as it would have been if we had to handle them. we are told that if we keep mowing the regrowth that in a couple of years they will give up i hope so.

    Ian used a mix of therapies, traditional and alternate, to get to this point. he has been recovering well over the past week or so.

  4. Yes, you will need to keep mowing it down very regularly. Never give it an even break.


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