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Autumn - Winter - Spring

Here is the current garden colour ... some signs of spring, some left overs from autumn and a few winter flowers.  There is always something to spot when I look closely.

Moss and fungus

Hubby reckons that walking around the block with me is like following a garbage truck.  I'm always stopping and peering at the ground.  Here is a series of shots of the mossy stuff I found on my last visit. There were also tiny tiny mushrooms among the undergrowth.  I love the lichen in the last shot ... it looks like something that belongs in the sea.


After a slow start due to the dry summer the grasses are now long an seedy.  The kangaroo grass is going that nice copper colour, the wallaby grass has it's nice fully seeds and other grasses are seeding too.  I like the way the clumps ripple in the breeze though I think I should mow next time I am out there.  It is best mowed in winter and I don't want to be mowing away the spring flowers.


It's been a while since we were last at the Rest, but managed to get out there last weekend.  I was pleased to see the flock of Choughs.  The neighbour told me they come every year and usually hang around for a 5 or 6 weeks before moving on but last year visited for an extended stay.

They are called White Winged Choughs.  You would wonder at this name until they fly - see below.