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Other flowers

There don't seem to be as many flowers this year.  I am not sure if this is because we have mowed the grass or whether it is a result of the lack of rain this spring.

I spent this weekend cutting the blackberry shoots and painting the cut stems with poison.  We have made a lot of progress with getting rid of the stuff but a lot of it still persists so I am keen to try and knock it back altogether.

Gum flowers

I noticed that one of the branches of a tall gum tree was low enough for me to grab some photographs of the flowers.


When we went out to the rest last weekend we were surprised to find the footpath had been mowed by the council.  There was quite a lot of brush and long grass out there and it had been on our to do list.

We were grateful to see a big job done.  And I guess this was last year that little wattle flowered.  It's not there any more.

New neighbours

We've got new neighbours.  They've mowed down all the blackberry, put up a front fence and plan to build sometime soon.  The side fence between our properties is a future shared project.

Spring flowers

Bacon and Egg is the current flower out on the block.  There are not so many flowers in the grassed areas this year.  I think mowing is taking its toll even though we only mowed twice the year.

Tractor Run

A few weekends ago we heard the sound of unfamiliar traffic passing by our property.  It turned out to be the Tractor Run apparently a fund raising event.

The chapel

I call the area with the new picnic table The Chapel.  It has a soaring "ceiling" and is a lovely meditative spot to sit and contemplate.

Down the rabbit hole

Winam, here is the answer to your question.  A few weeks ago we filled in this hole with dirt thinking it was not in use.  The next weekend the hole was back.  So yes, we do have a rabbit.  I wish it was a wombat.

Front fence

We've got a new front fence, replacing the one eaten out by white ants.  This one should blunt their munching teeth.