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Unknown shrub

There is just one of these shrubs which I discovered when I cleared away the blackberry that was entwining it.  Flowering in Autumn might be a helpful clue for me to identify it one day.


There are mistletoes in the big trees but I am reassured that this is OK in articles such as this -
Misunderstood Mistletoe

Afternoon light

Time to sit and enjoy the afternoon light on trees.


With most of the jobs done there was a little more time to sit around like the ducks in paddock next door.


Let's attack a dead tree while we are cleaning up.

Not done yet

The weed eradication program is not done yet.  Now it's time to attack the giant catoneaster.


We found two holes sunder this patch. First I thought I had found the dunny hole but it is more likely a bunny hole ... I saw one hopping about.  Maybe that is why the garden had a fence.

Patch 4

The death of blackberry patch 4 freed up this lovely big tree and lots of little saplings.  This patch looked smaller but was actually the hardest of the lot but, yipee, it was the last of them.  What did we find under this one?


The flock of little wrens sought refuge in the next door neighbours blackberry now that ours is almost gone.