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There are mistletoes in the big trees but I am reassured that this is OK in articles such as this -
Misunderstood Mistletoe


  1. mmm ... interesting. Although I become concerned when a researcher seeks to abolish myths that he himself earns a living from. That may not read how I mean.

    When I was a kid in the Upper Hunter, mistletoe had as bad a reputation as Prickly Pear and Tiger Pear (and rabbits). The Pasture Protection Board took out orders to force landholders to engage in eradication measures.

  2. Interesting I have read several sources which all claim they are a native plant that have some value in the ecosystem but if there get to be too many or the host tree is weak they can be a problem. Looking out the car window during any drive in the bush, mistletoe are just about always there to some extent.

  3. Reading your comment, I have only just realised that the word 'mistletoe' is plural as well as singular. Only takes a few years for the penny to drop. Where are you? Everything okay, or just work got you busy?


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