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Afternoon walk 4 of 4

Yet another angle on the same scene.

Afternoon walk 3 of 4

I also never tire of trying to capture new angles and colours from the same view. I reckon this one looks like a water colour painting.

Afternoon walk 2 of 4

I never tire of looking across the cow paddock to our mountains.

Afternoon walk 1 of 4

Come on the light is nice today.  Let's go for an afternoon stroll around the garden.

There are sprouting sticks like this all over the block.  I don't quite know what the rationale of the previous owner was.  Why did they lop the top of the wattles rather than cutting them to the ground?

A new one

It was raining out the block this weekend, but that didn't stop me strolling the heavenly acre to see if there if there was anything new to see.  After many circuits over a number of years, in all seasons and all weathers I didn't think there would be more for me to discover and there today I found a new plant flowering alongside my well worn path - I think it is a styphelia.