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Picnic Take 2

It might not be as rustic but our new picnic setting certainly more functional that the one in the previous post.

The Native Indigo grows in this part of the block.  It is in flower now.


We have just spent a wonderful four days camping out at the Rest.  It was an experiment on how long we could make our power sources last while working. Remember we have no electricity so had to depend on the solar powered battery in the van and a backup battery to keep our computers, phones and light for the evening going.  We managed well, despite one day being rainy and totally cloudy, so now the weather is getting warmer we will be going out there more.

On Saturday we attacked the last cluster of blackberry around this old picnic table.

Early signs of Spring

Forget weeds, lets look at our lovely natives. I am gearing up for the spring display. Other than the winter flowering wattles I have spotted the following two thus far.  I don't think I've photographed the one above before.  They are very low growing shrubs and the flowers white small.  The vine below is familiar, hovea.  It is winding about all over the place and coming into flower now.