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That's about it for the current goings on at the Rest.  I pruned this wattle at the entrance.  It was growing a bit tall and I would prefer it to stay small.

Apple Berry

Speaking of apples, one of the native vines the Apple Berry has formed its fruit.  Apparently the fruit is edible though I have never tried it.  I just like their attractive hairy pods.


Before Christmas our apple tree was loaded with fruit ... many more than previous years.  This week there were just a few apples left and lots of little ones on the ground.  I have no idea why they do this, after all the roadside trees seem to fruit beautifully every year and keep their fruit on.  I will be very surprised if any of these stay on long enough to grow to maturity.


We've got new neighbours again too.  The paddock has been empty for quite a while.


I also found this among the grass -- I really don't know but that looks like it could be a Funnel Web spider burrow.  I gave it a wide berth just in case, they have a nasty bite that used to kill people until an anti venom was developed in 1981.

Little observations

One of the advantages of spending days looking at the ground pulling weeds is that I got a chance to see what else is growing among the Kangaroo Grass clumps at the moment.

Weed battles

The rain not only brought the desirable flowers it brought an explosion of St Johns Wort.  I spent a little while each day diligently pulling then up.  We are winning the battle, while there were a lot of them there are a lot less than when we first moved in.

Summer rain

We have just spent several days out at the Rest.  It's been a month of so since we were last there and it was dry and crunchy underfoot but there have been good rains since and it was a lovely surprise to find the block looking lovely and flowery with Blackthorn shrubs (above) and wattle trees (below) in flower all over the block.