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The most exciting news is that we now have Solar Power so should be able to stay for longer stints in the future.  Up until now we have been restricted because we need power to keep our computers going to be able to work. We've had to carry it from home in batteries because connecting to mains power was cost prohibitive.

Spring 2014

It's been a predicable display but the flowers have been less plentiful this year.

Bush Fire Season

It's very dry out at the block. With high temperatures and high winds on the weekend I guess bush fire was to be expected.  There were helicopters ferrying back and forth all day picking up water to dump on a fire near Kandos which fortunately seems to be under control though still burning.  The water from  nice rain storm on Saturday afternoon just disappeared into the earth.

Being so dry there has not been much of a spring flower show, I will do a round up of what has been happening over past weeks in my next post.