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Here are some of the flowers that are currently out on the block.  I refuse however to photograph the St John's Wort.  I am doing a pretty good job of pulling them out as soon as I see their yellow flowers appear.  There is many times less of than in the previous two years so that is one battle we are winning.
I cut out the sweet briars and some more of the blackberry this weekend.

Off with her head

Pretty little thing isn't it.  But soon she will be gone because that is Sweet Briar, one of the plants on the council's I must eradicate list.  Look at those thorns.  I will be pricklier than blackberry to deal with.


How lovely, the bottlebrush was in flower this weekend.  I didn't see if flower last year, perhaps because it was hidden behind a lot of other brush in a corner of the block.  The brush was cleared during the rebuilding of the fence.

Early harvest

We harvested some lettuce leaves from our vege patch today.

New neighbours

I've been meaning to show the new neighbours on the farmland.

Vege patch

This is the beginnings of our vege patch, taken a few weeks ago.  Since then it has been planted and we've rigged up a drip irrigation system using water we carry down from the tank on the garage.  The lettuce and tomatoes thus far are going great.  I am just hoping the fence can thwart the bunny rabbit.  I saw it hopping about yesterday.


Look who came to say hello while we were watering our new vege patch.

Wood pile

The wood pile has grown again with all the bits of the old fence -- will keep us warm next winter by which time we hope to have installed a fireplace in the garage.  Over in the paddock next door a new herd of cows and goats has arrived I must try to get a photo of them.

I also saw blue wrens in the blackthorn last weekend but was as usual too slow with my camera.

What is it?

I am still mystified as to what this plant is.  It looks like a cypress but flowers like this in spring.  I'm wondering if it is a type of wattle.