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Vege patch

This is the beginnings of our vege patch, taken a few weeks ago.  Since then it has been planted and we've rigged up a drip irrigation system using water we carry down from the tank on the garage.  The lettuce and tomatoes thus far are going great.  I am just hoping the fence can thwart the bunny rabbit.  I saw it hopping about yesterday.


  1. That's a scenic vege patch! It looks like a good, sunny place. Your tomatoes should do well.

  2. Is that a 'sleeve' arrangement? Plank within plank? I am trying to think about my own upcoming vegie patch which I envisage as of the 'raised bed' variety. Perhaps with each bed being 1m x 1.5m with a 0.5m pathway around. But worry that the timber will rot, and treated timber will leach its chemicals into the food-chain. But don't want the structure to dominate the plantings, like I think the rounded corrugated iron garden beds seem to do.

    What a delicious problem for me to solve.

    1. It is besser blocks and about those dimensions made with 12 blocks - 3 x 4 .


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