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On Saturday afternoon at last the skies opened and there was a big storm and downpour of rain.  The next time we go out there it will be interesting to see what effect it has had on the vegetation.

Thirsty bird

We had left a bucket partially filled with water near one the plants we were watering.  This poor little bird must have been  thirsty and took a sip but could not get out.    It was wet and bedraggled but  we found it in a nick of time to save his life.  Here he was after he had dried out for an hour or two.

When we arrived out at the block this weekend.  Still no sign of rain.

It's dry

I'm doing birds because there isn't much going on with the flowers.  It is extremely dry at the moment so the flowers, even pesky plants like the blackberry and St John's Wort are refusing show their faces. The leaves of softer plants have shrivelled up.

We have had lots of rain in the mountains for the past couple of days.  I am hoping some of it managed to reach Clandulla.  On the weekend the skies were grey but refusing to drop rain, whereas when we reached the mountains it was raining steadily.

This bird is a rosella.


The King Parrots are getting very cheeky.  At breakfast time and dinner time when we are sitting about they fly right in close and eye us off hoping for feed.  This one even strutted right inside. I suspect they do the rounds of the whole neighbourhood.

The rest of the day the content themselves with zipping about in the tree tops.

Some Rosellas are getting into the act too.