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Odd flower

Ian is still not doing too well so we have missed out on going to the Rest again this weekend ... I'm missing it.  So here is another flower photo from the spring.  I really did wonder if it was a flower or some sort of fungus.

In my Blue Mountains flower book it describes Sour Bush which might be a match.  Partly parasitic ... throughout the spring tiny short stalked pearly flowers are scattered singly along branchlets.


We didn't go out to Clandulla this weekend so here is one of the spring flowers.  I believe it is Australian Indigo (indigofera australis).  Yet another pea flower but I like the leaves on this shrub.

Rain coming

That special light when the sun is getting low and rain is on its way on our mountains, taken from the newly cleared back fence.

Back fence

Last weekend we found the back fence at last and managed to make some small inroads into the blackberry.  Hubby damaged his arm and is experiencing quite a lot of pain so we will be laying off from any activity next weekend.

What scat is that?

We've had a visitor.  A kangaroo I think.

Rice flower

I've run out of photos so looked back at some of the flowers I photographed in the spring. This is a rice flower.


We've been making some progress with clearing sections.  That big pile of brush outside the fence made it to the dump this weekend (in two loads) and after our work on Saturday it is even clearer than in this photo. Talbot my new ride on mower is making a big difference.  The cooler weather was a big help too.

Eating weeds

The blackberries are ripening but I didn't have the energy to fight all those thorns to gather enough for a pie. Ian ate the ones I collected with ice cream.

Bursaria spinosa

Remember the Blackthorn bushes.  When I was identifying them I read that they derive their botanical name Bursaria spinosa from their purse like capsules (busa for purse). They are now in seed and I see what they mean.