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Odd flower

Ian is still not doing too well so we have missed out on going to the Rest again this weekend ... I'm missing it.  So here is another flower photo from the spring.  I really did wonder if it was a flower or some sort of fungus.

In my Blue Mountains flower book it describes Sour Bush which might be a match.  Partly parasitic ... throughout the spring tiny short stalked pearly flowers are scattered singly along branchlets.


  1. ... As if it is covered with snow. Lovely!

  2. Do you know the growth habit of the Wolemi Pine. It comes out with this 'goo' on the growth tips.

    Tell the old man to cheer up, hey? Still the wrenched arm? Lucky you are not over here' All it is is Libya libya libya ... journalists off on an excursion ...

  3. No I didn't know that about the Wolemi Pine. Yes the wretched arm is still being a pain but we got out to the block today, though I had to do the driving ... which means he is still very sick :-)

    We didn't do anything other than sit in some chairs and enjoy the bush. And I managed to get a few photos I have been wanting to take in Kandos before going over to Bathurst for dinner with Ian's sister.

    Africa is a bit of a mess at the moment. I hope all comes out in the end.

  4. Cote d'ivore went off the deep end, too. Poor buggers.


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