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Here are some of the flowers that are currently out on the block.  I refuse however to photograph the St John's Wort.  I am doing a pretty good job of pulling them out as soon as I see their yellow flowers appear.  There is many times less of than in the previous two years so that is one battle we are winning.
I cut out the sweet briars and some more of the blackberry this weekend.


  1. Great photos.
    The flower in the second photo I saw for the first time a couple of weeks ago at Manly Dam and couldn't get a photo of it, glad you did :)

    1. Yes they are pretty aren't they. Dianella, blue flax lily. I know they have been flowering down Sydney way for weeks because we were camped down at Lane Cove River park in early October.

      They turn into deep purple berries in the autumn.

  2. Beautiful series! The second flower is my favourite.

  3. Dianella Blue FLax Lily is a 'folies bergere' flower ...


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