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Early bird

In the early morning flocks of little birds are out and about.


  1. You have neatly side-stepped the identification here!! Its tail is not right for some sort of grass-wren. It could be a female house-sparrow although its beak is slightly more delicate.

    Getting warmer ... it could be a female Red-capped Robin. Now that should excite you.

    Got it! It is a 'Jacky Winter' which I identify by that tuft of white on the top edge of the main tail section. And I quote:

    'Well known for its clear sweet song, this brown flycatcher is found over most of the continent in well wooded areas. Unusually amongst perching birds, it is able to hover in the air for some seconds, with the white-sided tail often fanned in flight. It is an assiduous feeder, even after dusk has fallen, taking all kinds of spiders, moths, flies and butterflies. Nests in tiny frail saucer to 20m high.'

    Whaddya regon?

  2. Oh thanks Julie. I didn't identify because I didn't have time to do the research. Have just checked my bird book and I reckon you have picked it.

    I was just so happy to get a good shot.

  3. that is a fabulous image .. such a sweet bird perched on that sharpness!


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