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We found a shovel and a bunch of old plastic planting pots under the second blackberry thicket. it seems the enclosed area was used as a garden.  I think I may do the same.


  1. I really should read more slowly.
    The "g" from "gardening" jumped up in front of the "old" - while at the same time I was looking at the shovel and of course, you know what I thought!

  2. *grin* doesn't she wish!!

    You will keep this shovel, yes? It would make such a good display and pay homage to those who came before.

    Do you have a history of the ownership of the block? Any idea when it was carved out of a farm or a forest?

  3. No idea how come I got so far behind reading this blog!!!

  4. Gold ... more likely coal around here.

    I think the blocks were subdivided thus right back from the beginning of the town. I understand the block was in the hands of the same owner for many years. According the the neighbour they had a property out of town and the widow was planning to build her retirement home there but she began to suffer from dementia so that put paid to that idea. What I don't know is whether these goodies pre-date that ownership.

  5. Oh yeh, you got behind because I started posting!


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