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The birds we see differ every week and by time of day.  I am glad to be sometimes successful in getting a shot.  This butcherbird hung about for quite a while and was darting between low branches and the ground rather than in the high tree canopy so was relatively easy to capture.


  1. I really like butcher birds, my brother has a 'tame' one on his place outside Wauchope. I like that family of bird - magpie, bb, peewee, wwt.

    NOt a family you say! They are to me. They are the prolific birds of my childhood.

  2. We see all of your 'family'

    They say the butcher birds scare off the smaller ones but we seem to have a lot of birds of all sizes. I guess because there is plenty of cover for the little ones.

  3. such a sweet expression on the face ..nice shot!!

  4. My mum reckon it's the Currawongs that are the bad bunch. The other birds at her place don't seem to worry about the BBs.
    They have the loveliest song.
    But we never see them down here.


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