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Oh no!

Back in December I was surprised delighted to find the park had old fashioned play equipment and now it's gone.

Is it us, do we make these things happen?  20 years ago we moved to the mountains and there were wonderful old swings and slides in the park over the road that were too soon replaced by plastic things. Now it's happened here.

To my dismay curbing and guttering looks like it is working it's way down our street in the mountains. Is that going to happen here too?  With a bit of luck it will take another 20 years for that to happen, we don't even have sewerage at Clandulla yet.


  1. Ah, now that I am a regular visitor to playgrounds, I quite like the new versions of equipment. Both the slides AND the swings are 'better' (eye of the beholder being subjective, I agree) and the combination of activities in any given playground is more complete. Usually they are fenced (although I walked through one in Bellevue Hill the other day that wasn't. And often they have that soft fall matting, although I hate this because it makes my balance worse. But then again, playgrounds weren't designed with me in mind.

    Alannah adores them!

  2. I guess we all will die 'drowned' in plastic sooner or later!

  3. I do have to agree these play sets are much better for the tiny tots but the big kids are always very disappointed to see the older equipment go. I remember my young nieces thought they had totally ruined the playground when the old equipment went. At Lawson the locals raised funds for several years to buy some additional equipment more suited to the older children.

  4. Yes, I agree that kids from 6-12 are not well served by these newer playgrounds. Explains why I rarely see anyone of school age in them. The slides are only have the distance and about a third the height. The playgrounds in Paris are very similar to the playgrounds in Sydney.


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