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The park

There is old style play equipment in the park opposite Whistlers Rest.  Clearly this is a backwater, otherwise long ago these would have been replaced by small plastic replicas with soft fake turf below.

But let me hasten to add this this village is not dead and certainly is not dying -- it is home to 300+ people. I think because it is so close to Kandos, with regular transport to and from, it didn't quite grow up as a town so has been more of a dormitory for miners and railway workers.  One day when we get to stay overnight rather than just quick visits I will walk the town and show you some of the houses most of which are quite modern and well kept.  


  1. That swing and slippery dip sure brings back memories.

  2. I love the puddle of water under the swing! - a great place for kids to sit and swish their legs so that their shoes and socks become totally sodden.

  3. They do bring back memories ... but not even from my own chidlren's childhood, and nothing even remotely like a nowadays playground. I must cover a few of them that are around me.


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