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This one would normally bother me because the flower is nearly identical to the weed Creeping Buttercup which is creeping all over my mountains garden.  Its leaves are similar but different so I think what we have here is the native buttercup Ranunculus lappaceus. I hope so because it would be nice to keep their cheerful flowers without the worry of them taking over.


  1. It is immensely bright. Is it related to the culivated plant of the same name?

  2. Great series of bloom shots all very nicely composed.

  3. Thanks JM.

    Julie, do you mean the same name as buttercup or Ranunculus. I am not aware of Buttercups as a cultivated plant. Ranunculus .. I guess there is some sort of link but they don't look at all like each other do they? The trouble with these plant families is that all sort of plants are in categories that are understood by botanists but not me.


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