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It's there!  We are so happy with it.


  1. Ahha ... 'tis not a shed, as much as a chameleon! You are a shed person from way back in your childhood. Will you be able to connect electricity to your chameleon?

    I imagine countless communications with local council were required even to get this far (?)

  2. I do love its chameleon look ... it is not an eyesore on the block at all, fitting into an already existing clearing so most of the vegetation has been preserved. Planning approvals were minimal since it's not a dwelling.

    Electricity is another matter. Apparently there needs to be some sort of step down thing from the higher voltage transmission line running beside the block. Now in the past the electricity suppliers did this but in the new era of electricity the user pays for everything ... we are yet to find out what the bill is going to be because ordinary electricians can't do it. Then after that is done the normal electrician can connect to the shed. Several more weeks of mucking about and further drainage to the bank account I guess.

  3. Yes, you seem to have swapped one form of approval-getting for another form.

    I guess provision of your own portable generating facility is no substitute for mains electricity ... or the Tilley lamp ...

    The only reason bank accounts seem to exist is for the drainage plan ...


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