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Ants in my pants

Well that got me dancing.  Fortunately the little black ones and not the bigger black and brown meat ants so the bites were minor. I guess they were unhappy about us dismantling their cosy home.

I read somewhere recently that ants are indicative of healthy ecosystem.


  1. Either that, or too much junk left lying in a paddock. Interesting that they laid above ground and risked the destruction of their offspring.

    Ants, spiders, insects (other) ... yeah, I would go with that.

    Have you read Paul Sheehan in the SMH today. Talking about healthy eco-systems ... and Peter Andrews.

  2. I don't read the daily news but followed your lead and found the article very interesting and have seem a couple of documentaries on Peter Andrews work which I think makes sense. I find the article to be a bit 'over the top' but who knows what to believe these days.

  3. Over the top re the sweeping away of topsoil?

    Not sure, that gush through the Lockyer Valley was pretty soil-laden.

    But I agree to being confused as to what to 'believe' - hence believe nothing and regard most as opinion that either needs to be justified or supported by other opinion.


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