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There are quite a lot of shrubs across the block coming out in tiny white flowers. Before they flowered I had thought they were tea trees. When they flowered they had me stumped for a while but I eventually decided they are Bursaria Spinosa commonly known as Blackthorn and yes they do have thorns.

The funny thing is the poem I chose for this blog talks of the Blue Wrens nesting in the blackthorn and I wondered what type of bush it was - now I know.  They seem to be a bit weedy but we will be keeping quite a few to provide a home for our little birds.


  1. I would have missed the thorns if I haven't read the title. Beautiful plant!

  2. I like these lovely, delicate flowers.

  3. Wow, the thorns look vicious, though I wouldn't have noticed thought to look for them if I hadn't read the description.


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