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St John's Wort

The next time I visited I was delighted to see a flush of lovely yellow flowers until I later discovered these are the invasive weed St John's Wort.  I tried hard to prove they were a native Hypericum but the black dots on the leaf margins are apparently a dead give away.

I'm told this herb is used as a natural anti-depressent whereas it only depressed me that I had to yank out as many of them as I could while the earth is moist and before they set billions more seeds which apparently last in the soil for up to 20 years. Crikey I might be still pulling these when I am almost 80.


  1. Now THAT is depressing. And they look so delicate, structured almost like an azalea. Is the background to this blog one of the bluebells?

  2. Yes they are delicate, big clustered flower heads. The background is a flax lily I will show the bluebells sometime soon.

  3. Ah, Nanango, eh? Right in peanut country.

    I have a flower tomorrow that you surely will be able to identify for me.

  4. Boo hoo ... you were the expert I was counting on. I will use my other photos of it and try to work my way through the online images.

  5. Dunno anything about tropical plants ... am more atuned to temperate woodland varieties.


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