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Eggs and Bacon

Back in spring there were quite a lot of these shrubs flowering but the flush of flowers has moved onto a different type of shrub which I will show you next.

I don't know the exact name of this flower as there are lots of different type of yellow pea flowers in the bush but many are commonly called Eggs and Bacon


  1. The name is perfect. At first glance I thought these gorgeous flowers were orchids.

  2. They have that pea shape to the pod, but also have that furriness of the kangaroo paw.

    Lovely colours to this photograph. Have you changed the internal settings of your camera? Increased the contrast?

  3. They really stand out in the landscape when they bloom. I like them.

  4. Julie, I shoot in raw and generally tweak the contrast a tiny bit. No more contrast on this one than I do on all of them.


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