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Without even a serious look I have noticed heaps of different grasses. With pasture as a neighbour I am sure some of these will be pasture grasses but others are surely the original natural varieties. Kangaroo grass (second one below) is a native but as the block has been partially cleared of trees it seems to be thriving   ... too much of a good thing?  I think the first one below might be Wallaby Grass.


  1. I don't know 'wallaby grass' but the others are all familiar. I found another grass at a nursery during the week that I will add to my court-yard. It is nearly a jungle out there.

  2. All are beautiful but the one on top is my favourite shot.

  3. I love this array, wild grasses are a favorite of mine. And I've recently learned that the seed head, very similar to those in the first photograph, of western timothy grass hay is a treat to my pet rabbit. He is especially fond of them - I find it touching.


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