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Knock knock

Another guy not so keen on having his cosy home dismantled.


  1. What a terrific photograph this is! There is just sooo much to like in it. Look at those snail/slug trails ... and maybe they drilled the handle hole in the wrong place to begin with.

    I love the patina on that handle. Was the door intact enough to go in the reuse-one-of-these-days pile?

  2. Got it right again. The doors were kept.

  3. OMG! Spiders really give the creeps and this one is truly awful! I've seen many in my lifetime but this has the less friendly look ever! Nevertheless both spider and handle make for a great photo. Great find.

  4. So many blogs ... :-)

    this photo is gorgeous - did you put him there for the photo? ;-)

  5. JM, this is a friendly type of spider but I do give all of them a wide berth.

    Martina, yes a lot of blogs but I have reduced the posting schedule so we can all cope.

    I saw the spider and ran for my camera. It obliged me by staying put for a minute or two then scurrying in to the undergrowth.


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