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Native plants

Wondering about the flowers mentioned in the real estate advertisement? Here's the Helichrysum (paper daisy) and the Brachycome is below. They are dotted all over the place among lots of long grass and shrubby trees.

There is an astounding number of different plants on the block, including lots of different grasses. No doubt a goodly portion of them are weeds. I'm going to have my work cut out trying to identify what's what.


  1. Lovely geometry in both of them, Joan. As for the rest, declare it all weeds until you have proof otherwise.

  2. No No I've been told to assume everything is native until proven otherwise. Of course just because something is a native doesn't mean it's not a weed ... all those little pittosporum seedlings in the Burnbrae garden are just one such case.

  3. Yes, I am in the middle of an argument with another blogger who reckons all trees are sacrosant, and that if a tree has an immposing name, it is not a weed.

  4. ahhh the sweet sound of birds ..great capture joan


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