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Doesn't that look sweet.  Well not quite -- that is a blackberry flower and part of a huge Blackberry thicket. One of three on the block.  There is no way we are going to be able to do anything about these prickly horrors before this fruit ripens, so it looks like we'll have Blackberry pie this year instead.


  1. I remember picking these when I was a kid and used to spend one summer month at my cousins' farm. Never done it again.

  2. Ditto here. As a kid.

    If there are three thickets, why not scarify two, then trim back the third and bend it to you indominable will - bb pie forever!

  3. Nah, we'd have to be super vigilant and get every berry ahead of the birds. There are enough baby thickets appearing all over the place already. It's a constant battle in our mountains garden and there are no thickets left in close range that I am aware of. Also, it's a noxious weed we are supposed to get rid of it... though there are plenty of farms and council land about with much more than we have.


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