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•Beautiful bush block of approx 4,000 sqm with an
assortment of naturally growing native plants inc.Helichrysum, & Brachycome.
• Stunning rural and mountain views.
• Serene bushland setting.
• Town water is on the block and power & phone are available.
• Quality residential building block in a quality location.

Dunno about you but I'm sold.


  1. Yep, me so too.

    Do you have a schedule for occupancy of a guest room?

  2. Oops ... meant to say too ... that I have photos of a blue wren and his jenny. They were not phased by my presence and hopped in and around me. Very charmed I was.

    As well as a plant discovery book, you could
    establish a bird discovery book!!

  3. Those next two albums have neither date nor comments. I will simply do a 'Letty'.

    How are you going to know when you get to 100 Weekend People if you don't number them

    And how many Royals do you have? I now notice them, too!!

  4. The guest room will be the caravan. We don't intend to build anything other than a garage because contrary to the real estate ad it is not currently zoned as residential land.

    Yep, I am expecting to do bird as well as plant discovery but I know the plants are going to be the ones that have me stumped ... there are heaps and heaps of different ones.

    As for the birds, there are a lot of different birds calling and I've seen a blue wren out there but it is such a fidget I could not get a shot, though I am sure I will when I have time to sit and wait.

    Regarding the Royals and Weekend People I was thinking about the count and will add something in the sidebar. Just was too busy getting it all ready for New Year to do it last night.


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