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A look at the "stunning rural and mountain views" you can see over the back fence. I'm not sure how long this clear sweep of green it is going to last however as some land nearby is up for sale and I saw in the advert that it is approved for division into 5 acre lots.


  1. Are you allowed to build on 5 acre lots though? In parts of Victoria one is not allowed to build on anything less than 100 acres.

  2. How many acres is 4000 sq metres?

    Ahha ... 0.998 of an acre. So where is the cut-off in NSW? Probably 5 acres.

  3. Hi Julie, our block is actually four town blocks (i.e. 1/4 acres) already subdivided, sold as a single parcel. Has to be rezoned as residential to allow us to build anything other than a shed on it but we only want a shed.

    Perhaps the 5 acre blocks would fall into a similar arrangement.

  4. you captured it for now .. what a vista!

  5. A great outdoorsy view. You are going to have fun there.


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