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Why Whistlers Rest?

It's on Canary Street and depending on the time of day and weather reverberates with the whistle of birds.

Thus far I've identified the Willie Wagtail (above), Blue Wrens, Black Cockatoos and Kookaburras ... not a very adventurous selection because there is not much rest until we clear access for the van.


  1. But a lovely classic collection at this stage. Canary Street. I wonder why. And the name of the hamlet, which I cannnot remember but started with C and 'looks' a bit Welsh. Where did the name of the hamlet come from?

  2. There are only six streets in Clandulla (I kid you not) and they are not named after birds of anything so don't have a clue as to the reason for the street name. Where did the name for Clandulla come from? I might have to go to the museum at Kandos to find out coz the web has precious little about Clandulla.

  3. It's beautiful and I also like the composition.


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