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Ghosts of the past

Sometimes old and abandoned is attractive. Other times just sad.  For me Clandulla station is a mix of both.


  1. The details are fantastic! Just look at all those wasp nests!

  2. Yes, the wasp nests stand out in my eye, too. But also the moss. As you might realise, I love all these details. I like the layout with the detail being cossetted by the more complete shots.

    Yes it is all a mix of beauty and sadness. But one of the positives with all this photography and blogging, is that we give forgotten places another 'airing' - pay homage to the past, if you will.

  3. I wish I blogged in the past. Was at a place today and wondered if I had been there before ... If I had blogged back them I reckon I would have written about it. It's like a travel diary for me.

  4. Those wasp nests are brilliant.
    I wonder how many year's worth that is?


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