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The school

Here us the old school which now seems to be a private residence but the boys and girls toilets and shelter shed in the yard attest to its former life.


  1. Looks like it was built by the same person who built yesterday's shop!

    Shelter shed vs weather shed. I wonder if this is also a QLD vs NSW issue. As was your word for Gregory's which in Melbourne is a Melway.

    6kms is not very far at all. No wonder the place died. Although, is there much more life in Kandos, I wonder.

  2. Kandos is quite a substantial town, I will show you when I have time to do it justice. And Clandulla is not dead ... I will comment on that in my next post.

    Have never heard of a weather shed ... must be a NSW thing.

  3. Of course ... weather shed ... I bet we did the same things behind it that you canuks did behind your shelter shed!

  4. Actually there was no shelter shed in most Qld schools because they were built on stilts and we sheltered underneath. Canuks .. not a term I know ... another NSW thing?


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