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The shop

Here's a photo of the shop taken from the railway yard. I reckon it's been a while since anyone shopped there.  It seems there has only ever been one shop.  Back in the old days the butcher and other vendors came from Kandos and sold door to door.

These days the short 6km trip to the supermarket at Kandos is nothing.  What has me wondering is that without a corner shop were is the heart of this community?  There is still much for me to discover in this town.


  1. There are sooo many little places like this scattered over our state. And it is beginning to seem to me, that this little town perhaps has no heart, no community.

    I wonder if that phone booth is still operating and whether it has a phone book?

  2. It looks like it is still operating. Haven't had a chance to walk around the town yet to know if there is a phone book there.


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