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To the sea

I understand a train trundles past our little abandoned station most days carrying coal all the way over the mountains to the sea at Port Kembla for export.  I have not yet seen one.


  1. I'm sure you'll see that train one day - so keep your camera at hand and you can grab us a pic!

  2. Not so certain I find those 'points' secure, although I do love the curve taking us out somewhere into the future.

    You mentioned once before, I think re Glen Davis, that the produce (whatever it was) went down to Port Kembla rather than to Sydney - which I always find a puzzlement just from the point of topography, not even meaning that all points should necessarily point to Rome, or anysuch.

  3. I agree I have thought of that too but I guess Port Kembla has the coal handling facilities ... I don't know of any in Sydney. What has me wondering is where is the line they head south on as all lines seem to go to Sydney.

  4. Ahha ... a challenge ... I loik a challenge ... surely they don't go to Central, then south ... please say it isn't so ... shall look it up.


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