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Train spotting

There was train at Clandulla station this weekend.

Triple Alco 44 Class locomotives (built between 1957 to 1968) pulling heritage carriages from Sydney to Kandos and return. The local with the dog told me that coal trains go through at 2 or 3 in the morning and cement trains at 4 or 5 in the afternoon so I will try to photograph a cement train one day.

This train had to stop here while the drivers did some stuff in the little shed that is the only currently functioning part of the station.  They did their thing, then locked it up again, tooted the whistle and waved us goodbye as they headed back home.

Also being back at the station reminded me that I didn't answer one of Julie's questions. The iron things in my recent photo are steel rail sleepers which seem to have taken over from the wood or concrete ones.


  1. ahem. that was my question.
    they're very pretty.
    surely they must be able to be re-purposed.

    Love the way the dog is sitting.
    I think we need a photo of the coal train - hahaha!!

    Looks like the whole town turned out for the spectacle.

  2. Love how the locals turn out for the event of the day.

  3. Letty, yes I realised my mistake that it was your question but forgot to go back and edit the post. You'll be waiting a while for a photo of the coal train but maybe I will catch the cement train one day.

    Re the locals ... there is something magic about the historic trains. Not that there were many people out and about at Clandulla but there were a lot of people sightseeing at Kandos.

  4. Bugger that Letty ...
    One ... I knew she had asked the question.
    I wanted to rib you about a coal train.
    I love the way the dog is sitting.

    BUT ... I would NEVER use the word 'repurpose'!! But love her comment on the size of your village.

    I love the old trains, not that either 57 or 68 is old, both being within living memory, even though in the middle of last century.

  5. Love wooden and glass doors in old trains.

  6. I wonder if I've seen a cement train before. Before returning to Beirut we lived in a little town where trains always came and went. It amused the kids to count the cars while we waited for the train to pass, so I might have seen one without knowing it.

  7. I sure don't think 57 is old and certainly not time to be repurposed.

    Mary Ann, I will do my best to get a cement train because I don't know what they look like either, I only ever seem to see coal trains, ones with shipping containers and both long and short range passenger trains going across the mountains but maybe I don't know what I am seeing.

    You know I am beginning to understand the odd hobby of train spotting ... that's a worry.

  8. Suuuuuper photographs and love the dog.


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