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Back in the old days there was a twice daily service up the line to Mudgee.  Now the line is closed from Kandos onwards.  Today you'd wait a very long time in this breezy abandoned waiting room for a passenger train but the line itself is still open to freight trains.


  1. I don't get why we don't use railways more.
    They closed the Ararat station for 10 years (94-04).
    But now it is really well-patronized.
    Vince uses it all the time to travel to Melbourne.

  2. Yes you would be waiting for a long, long time... but what a quaint little station.

  3. THAT one, that 44 gallon drum. And that red flower. Nice shot. I like abandoned buildings like this, so long as they are not graffiti(d) to death.

  4. Letty, the run a CountryLink bus once each way daily up all the stops on the line. I guess the rail is just too expensive unless there is other freight traffic etc. I understand the line through to Mudgee is being kept intact for future use but not maintained. If the new power station goes in at Mt Piper near Lithgow I think they will be bringing in coal from the big mines out Mudgee way.

    Dianne, yes the little old stations are quaint. I am thinking of doing a series of photographing all of the ones that are left along this particular line.

    Julie, there are actually heaps of 44 gal drums lying in the station yard. As for the graffiti, there is some, I think I will show you in my next post. I agree, the little cottage is cute with its clump of old fashioned ... bummer I can't remember their name and now it's going to drive me mad until I remember.

  5. Canna lilies ... knew it would come back to me eventually. They grew by the well at Mum and Dad's place.


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