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Home among the gum trees

We camped on the block for the first time this weekend.  The weather was horrible yesterday, could not see those mountains for cloud and rain. It was just a little better this morning.  Nonetheless the camping trial was a success.  As we have no electricity connected to the block we will be depending on the gas for cooking and the fridge and  solar/battery for lights and computers.   No heating or cooling.

It was fascinating to stay overnight. I had not noticed there was no street lighting in the town until last night.  It was incredibly dark at night.  The nearest neighbours were not home so just a few pin pricks of light from more distant homes.  You don't realise how much man-made light exists in most towns until it is not there.

I had to laugh about our decision to camp out this weekend. I looked up the web and there was a weather report promising lots of rain and cold weather.  Then I looked at the Weather Channel page and it said it would be quite warm (16C) and sunny/showery.  I convinced Ian that was what the weather would be like because after all the Weather Channel's business is weather and the sun was beginning to peep through at Lawson.  As we headed west it got wetter and wetter.  Shan't trust the Weather Channel's forecast ever again.


  1. Nor he you? I trust not.

    16C might be warm for you mountain folk, but not for folk down here on the plain. Yesterday was good down here: mostly fine during the day, 21C. I overheated down at Botany. The rain set in over night and today was mostly bleak, and I required two jumpers. Fingers crossed for the morrow.

    Not sure I could do that camping gig.

  2. This is a very cool composition. It seems something from a SciFi movie had just landed there! :-)

  3. Hardly got out of the house all weekend - the weather on the Central Coast hasn't been too good. Clear enough to go down to the beach this afternoon only to find the tides so high that we couldn't walk along the beach...

  4. I love that about the bush - the dark.
    Do you know I've got a great app on my iphone that identifies stars?
    It's fantastic.
    You just point it at the sky and match the star with the picture and then it gives you all the info you would like to know.
    I love it!
    There's lots of different apps but the best one is Star Walk (European Space Agency) - you should give it a go.
    It shows satellites and planets too.


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