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I thought you might be interested in a the story of a plant that has been baffling me for ages.  This plant below is crawling all over the block.  I have been wondering for a year whether it is a weed or native but decided on balance that it looks so at home wandering among the grass tufts that it must be a native but what is it? I think to myself perhaps it is some sort of Pelagonium I will wait until it flowers. So it has flowered ... see below.

Well it doesn't look like it is one of those but what is it?  I still don't know.  It put me in mind of a Gardening Australia episode where they were talking to the people out at Mt Annan about their Cumberland Woodland plot.  I have been finding their images quite helpful in identifying my plants (but no help on this occasion).  They said in this episode.

"Some people look at Cumberland Plain Woodland and think it's just sparse, unsightly scrub - but there's really much more to it than meets the eye; it's a thriving, diverse ecosystem ... 
About 90 percent of the plant diversity on the Cumberland Plain Woodland is low-layer plants such as grasses and native herbs. Debra says, "In a square metre we've got a number of herbaceous plants including the small kidney weed which is not a weed, it's a native plant."

I found this interesting on two points ... the statement about how plain and messy the bush looks until you examine the diversity of understory plants (they have 100 images from their plot).  And the mention of kidney weed.  Perhaps it is kidney weed I think but no such luck it isn't.  But it did make me notice another patch of green, it's not the plant above I'm pretty sure it's kidney weed.


  1. The leaf shape sure looks like Kidney Weed for the lower photo. Does it flower?

    NOw that lime flower has a very memorable colour and structure ... what other plants have that sort of shape ... a passion flower ... nope not even remotely ... I have seen that shape before shall clean the yard and ponder ont.

  2. The kidney week is said to get a tiny yellow flower in summer.

    As for the other flower, if we can think of something similar that might be the clue to me tracking down what it is. I can't think of anything with similar flowers.

  3. A dandelion flower has a similar structure .. sort of.


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