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Blow ins

I am sure you will recognise many of these. None of them are native but certainly are very common and widespread.

Black Medic
Quaking Grass
Lambs Tongue (Plantago)
Red Flowered Mallow
Blackberry Nightshade
I am sure there is the odd thistle of two about too.  None of these seems to be taking over and frankly I don't have time to be weeding out every non-native so I will pretty much leave them alone and just pull them out if I notice them as I pass by.

By the way I think the plant I showed the other day with Kidney Weed is Pennywort also very similar to hydrocotyle. But the confusing thing is that both of these plants like water and damp places and our block doesn't fit the description. One is native the other it introduced.


  1. Quaking Grass is a great name, that I did not know. I was trying to photograph some in the cemetery, and there was the slightest of zephyrs ... dang blast.

  2. From a car, I saw a Royal. Benalla I think ... no shot though. Shall keep it in mind for our next trip. My cousins already know me to be nuts, so they will not be surprised.

  3. Yeh I like the name too. This grasses latin name is Briza major. There is another Briza minor which is known as Shivery grass. I just realised I have got a photo of it. I will post this evening.

    As I have been contemplating my blogs (as one does at this time of year) I was thinking rather ruefully that I have not added many Royals this year. I hope to do better next year.

  4. One does contemplate blogs at this time of year, I agree. I am trying to work up a family tree site, on the side. Not a blog as such that will get a regular posting. Very early days as yet. Will need to get the Wauchope issues sorted before I have much spare time.


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